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Over 10 years of expertise in wind energy

The Eolify experience


Detailed wind reports & informative factsheets

CFD calculations for complex terrain

Load Profile Analysis & ROI calculation

EolicApp with interactive wind maps and data visualizations

Analysis of shadow flicker, noise emission, ice throw, visibility

3D Visualizations & EolicAR application

Cost-effective wind projects are mainly based on favorable climate conditions at project site. Get the necessary insights for investment decisions through our wind resource and energy yield assessment. Receive a detailed ROI calculation considering the impact of the turbine on its environment and vice versa.

Example Project Site

Exemplary project site in Denmark - south-up orientation

Overview - Planning Processes

The foundation of every wind simulation

Gather available Geo Data


Clean-up short-term met mast data

Measure-Correlate-Predict with long-term high-resolution climate data

Digital Elevation Model and Digital Surface Model

Land use and roughness data

Buffer zones for any local environmental regulations

Prediction through wind simulation software

Wind Resource Assessment


Generation of wind maps at different heights AGL

Validation with met mast data or yield from existing turbine(s)

Site evaluation and optimization

Wind park wake effects

Check if the site is cost-effective

Energy Yield & ROI


Database of power curves of wind turbines

Arrangement of microgrid including solar energy and energy storage system

Load profile analysis with high-resolution energy yield

Complete ROI calculation

Analyze complex wind conditions

CFD Simulation


Impact of surrounding buildings and vegetation on predicted wind conditions

Analysis throughout all wind sectors

Site optimization

Energy Yield and ROI recalculation

Visibility, shadow flicker, noise and ice throw

Environmental impacts


Analysis of the turbines’ environmental impacts that can lead to time-related shutdown and therefore affect the assessed energy yield

Further evaluation and optimization of project site due to new impact buffer zones 



Internal EolicROI Application





Wind report, fact sheets, EolicApp & EolicAR

Customized Output & Visualizations


3D Visualization in a virtual globe environment

EolicAR application to visualize turbine on site in real-time

EolicApp to interact with relevant results, wind maps and statistics amongst others

Informative fact sheets, all outcomes presented clearly on one page

Detailed wind report covering all aspects of the planning process

 Observe. Understand. Improve.

Eolific CFD simulations


Gust effects and turbulence

Impact on energy yield

Wind loads on objects

Animated simulations

For Turbine Manufacturers

Make your marketing processes eolifiscient


Speed up marketing processes

Improve customer investment decisions

Customizable for your business needs

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Project Acquisition


Connect with partners from our network

Focus on active and successful energy transition

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For Transmission System Operators

Power Grid Optimization with Dynamic Line Rating


Climate adapted optimization of overhead line operations

Wind loads in historical and current extreme events

Power grid analysis and climate forecasts

powered by 

“By measuring and monitoring the meteorological parameters wind velocity and direction as well as solar radiation and air temperature, the transmission capacity of overhead lines can be optimized dynamically. Using this procedure measuring sites can be found by identifying bottlenecks of the maximum transmission capacity. Those bottlenecks are called hot spots.”

(menzio GmbH)

Analyze complex wind conditions

Optimization through

Wind Load Analysis


Determination of ambient states around the conductors by analyzing high-resolution local climate and terrain data

Transfer of weather parameters (wind, temperature, radiation) vertically and horizontally to the power line

CFD-based simulation of weather conditions at power line level

Analysis of wind loads on power masts

Provision of high-resolution meteorological time series for all OHL sections

 Identify bottlenecks

Optimization through DLR & Hot Spot Analysis


Considering weather-based ambient states and technical characteristics of each power line

Calculating the maximum transmission capacity and defining the conductor thermal behavior by Cigré model

Analyzing specific capacity limits of each span to determine the probability of capacity exceedance under continuous load

Identification of critical spans (Hot Spots)

Reduction of the measuring points per overhead line by using an iterative buffer model


Analyze the influence of weather and climate

Climate Forecasts


Evaluating historical data and climate model scenarios for transmission system operators

Effects of rising air temperatures on the maximum transmission capacity

Consideration of data from the IPCC-reports

Evaluation of different future periods until the year 2100


Guarantee voltage maintenance and stability

Supplementary Grid Calculations


Preparation/Extension of load flow models for extra-high-voltage and high-voltage power systems

Parameterize, execute and evaluate grid calculations in order to solve essential problems in terms of increased transmission capability

Development of approaches for a safe and stable grid operation while using adaptive overhead line monitoring

For Agencies, Companies, Communities, Consultants, Public Utility Providers

SaaS Development & AI Solutions


Use AI to retrieve Geo & Green Data insights

Customized Progressive Web Applications

Adding interactive Geo Data Widgets to existing projects

Our Team

Susanne Trommen

Susanne Trommen

CEO & Co-Founder - Graduate Geographer & Wind Energy Consultant

Thomas Ajj

Thomas Ajj

CTO & Co-Founder - Data Scientist

Eolified Projects

Our Cooperation Network

Agile Wind Power AG

Agile Wind Power AG is a Swiss manufacturer and developer of large-scale vertical wind turbine Vertical Sky® for commercial power generation.
Vertical Sky® A32 (750 kW) is designed for distributed energy markets to economically produce power locally.

German Sustainables GmbH

German Sustainables GmbH – former Gale Force GmbH is a German manufacturer and developer of large-scale vertical wind turbine GS-1000 NT.
The new technology of 1.0 MW is able to complement conventional wind parks in order to reach a higher density and area efficiency.

Menzio GmbH

menzio GmbH is a German CFD software developer of WindStation, and expert in simulating wind conditions over complex terrain, in urban environments, for wind farm project planning, and for dynamic powerline rating.

Godman Power Group, Inc.

Godman Power Group, Inc is a U.S. manufacturer and developer of portable solar grids to guarantee access to safe and affordable energy, especially in remote regions worldwide.

Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

The Technological Institute of the Canary Islands is a public company of the Government of the Canary Islands with a focus on activities and R&D in the renewable energy sector.